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"What my Granny Once Told Me..." -International Conference on Urban Legends, Myths, and Horror- April 11th - 12th, 2024

We are  pleased to announce the upcoming "What my Granny Once Told Me..."-International Conference on Urban Legends, Myths, and Horror, scheduled for April 11th to 12th at the University of Zadar. This conference is part of the larger research project "Urban Myths and Cultural Geography of Horror," which explores the intersection of urban legends, horror narratives, and human geography, particularly within visual media such as film production, video games, and comics.

Recognizing the enduring significance of urban myths and legends in cultural discourse, with this conference we aim to shed light on the importance of spatial dimension in the creation and perpetuation of legends,  and how they intersect with horror narratives and human geography. These chilling and/or cautionary tales that “elegantly” convey societal fears and fascination with the unknown, offer insightful readings not only of genre-specific themes and ideas but also of complex societal issues and potential traumas.

With that in mind, this conference also attempts to steer the discussion toward the exploration of these narrative practices within the unique context of the Adriatic, Mediterranean, and Balkan regions, which, despite their distinct cultural tapestry, remain largely overlooked in contemporary research on urban legends and horror. From that it follows that the main conference objectives are: to explore urban myths as specific segments of horror narratives, to examine the interconnections of urban myths, horror genre, and human geography, and to establish a cultural geography that defines the distinctiveness of a particular region.

We are thrilled to welcome presenters from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, each offering innovative perspectives on past and present narrative practices of terrifying urban legends.

Explore the conference content further by accessing the book of abstracts and the detailed program below.